South Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association

Honey Show

The South Gloucestershire Beekeepers' Association honey show is one of the highlights of the season and all members are encouraged to participate.


Our honey show is usually judged by a “local celebrity” experienced Beekeeper (Mike Hunt in Pictures above 2014) and overseen by our Honey Show secretary Lisa Day.

Schedule of Honey Show Classes

Section 1

The Competitor with the highest aggregate score in classes 1 to 7 shall be awarded the Humphries Tankard. If there is a tie the competitor with the better entry in the Class 8 will be declared the winner.

Section 2

The winner will be awarded the Basil Lewis Cup.

Section 3

Section 4

The winner will be awarded a tea towel.

Section 5

The winner will be awarded the Committee cup.

(Exhibitors should be aware that all edible entries may be tasted.)

Recipe for Honey Fruit Cake

Cream butter and honey, beat eggs well and add alternately with sifted flour and salt (save a little flour to add to sultanas). Beat well. A little milk can be added, if necessary. Turn in sultanas and stir well. Bake in a well-buttered 7″ diameter tin for 75 to 90 minutes in a moderately heated oven.

No sugar or spices allowed.


Criteria for judging. (Cakes will be cut in half) Overall appearance. Texture and moistness of crumb. Evenness of distribution of fruit. Taste.