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Are you thinking of keeping bees?


SGBKA has normally run an annual beginners course in the New Year, comprising a series of indoor classes followed by practical sessions at the branch apiary early in the spring.

To maintain beginner’s training during the pandemic the association has been running an online course with eight evening theory sessions in February and March, followed by two practical Saturday sessions in the branch apiary in April/May, Covid restrictions allowing.

This has been run by members of the SGBKA committee led by Pat Browning. Places on beginners courses are normally limited to twenty participants. Information about future courses will be posted on the SGBKA website.


We encourage everyone attending the Beginners Course to join SGBKA because this will give you an excellent opportunity to meet other beekeepers and to get hands on experience with bees at our monthly apiary meetings in the summer.

For more information, please contact Kirsty, the SGBKA Membership Secretary using the form here.

Buying Bees – SGBKA advice

South Gloucestershire Beekeeping Association (SGBKA) does not recommend any particular supplier or source for obtaining honey bees, but does suggest the following:

Useful Information for Beginners

Although SGBKA does not endorse any particular supplier of beekeeping equipment, in Gloucestershire the nearest supplier to the branch apiary is Maisemore Apiaries, GL2 8HT (

For a comprehensive view of the range of beekeeping equipment available, you may find the downloadable catalogue on the Thornes website a good place to start (

For a website covering a very wide range of beekeeping resources, try Dave Cushman’s (

BIBBA’s website offers a number of very informative free webinars (

Sussex University’s Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) – Main Website and YouTube Channel